17 Watt LED Treatment Light «Bella» wall mount | switch
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LED Treatment Light «Bella»


The 17 Watt LED treatment light «Bella» is ideally suited for use in dermatology and intensive care as well as for minor surgical interventions. The treatment light is characterised by its high luminous intensity, excellent colour reproduction and top-class energy efficiency. Thanks to the ergonomic handgrip, the lighting element can be precisely aimed at the examination field.
For hygienically demanding areas, the «Bella» treatment light is also available with contactless control.


Product Details on the LED Treatment Light «Bella»

  • Energy-efficient treatment light for dermatology, intensive care and minor interventions
  • 17 Watts
  • 60,000 lux at a working distance of 30 cm (illumination field: 8 cm diameter)
  • 45,000 lux at a working distance of 50 cm (illumination field: 10 cm diameter)
  • 15,000 lux at a working distance of 100 cm (illumination field: 20 cm diameter)
  • Colour temperature: 4500K
  • Lighting similar to daylight
  • Excellent colour reproduction
  • No UV or infrared light radiation
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy to clean and to disinfect due to smooth surface and high-quality material
  • Long lifespan: up to 50,000 operating hours
  • Cooling occurs through an aluminium radiator (quieter than ventilation cooling)
  • 70 cm long, flexible lamp neck
  • Colour: white
  • 3 meter power cable for flexible use
  • 5 year warranty


Benefits of LED Technology:

  • Excellent light performance (lumen output/watt performance is twice as high as for halogen lamps and incomparable to normal incandescent lamps)
  • Colour temperature of 4500K similar to daylight
  • True colour tissue reproduction
  • Lifespan of approx. 50,000 hours
  • No heat dissipation
  • Does not weaken with the passing of time
  • Extremely robust as compared to other sources of light
  • Low operating costs


The LED treatment light «Bella» is available both with a wall mount bracket and wheeled stand.

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17 Watt LED Treatment Light «Bella»
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