EMALED 560 surgical light
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Art. No.: 131670
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EMALED 560 LED surgical light

The EMALED 560 is a compact but very intense surgical light, with an output of 160,000 lux, a light spectrum close to sunlight, and a colour rendition index of 92 Ra. The LED light has no infrared or ultraviolet light, and so allows optimum illumination with minimal heat emission. A control panel directly on the light head regulates the light intensity and the size of the operative field.

Its low maintenance requirements, long life cycle of the LED lights, and the low energy consumption make the EMALED 560 particularly economical.

EMALED 560 product details

  • Surgical light (one-light head)
  • For ceiling mounting
  • Light head diameter: 61cm
  • Light intensity: 160,000 lux
  • Colour temperature: 4,200 K (close to sunlight spectrum)
  • Colour rendering index: 92 Ra
  • No emission of infrared or ultraviolet light
  • Only minimum heat emission
  • Adjustable light intensity: 10 – 100%
  • Working distance: 70 - 140cm
  • Low energy consumption (80W)
  • 230 V mains voltage
  • Long life cycle of LED lights (40,000 hours)
  • Comes with a complete range of accessories

Scope of supply of the EMALED 560 surgical light

  • EMALED 560 light head (x 1)
  • Light flange
  • Flange tube
  • Central axis
  • Bearing arm
  • Spring arm
  • Canopy
  • Power supply
  • Ceiling fixture set

Please note:

The EMALED 560 can also be supplied as a dual arm light (see 2nd item picture). Please ask our customer service team.

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EMALED 560 surgical light

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