Miscellaneous Products

Miscellaneous Products

In this category, you will find more furnishings for equipping surgeries, practices, hospitals, care homes and other healthcare facilities.

We offer a wide selection of wall-mounted dispensers, such as soap and disinfectant dispensers, paper towel dispensers and hygiene bag dispensers, which allow for hygienic removal of your relevant items.

Moreover, you will find a comprehensive assortment of rubbish bins of various sizes, models and colours, as well as compatible garbage bags to disposing consumables.

For dividing large rooms and separating changing areas, you will also find partitions with or without wheels and in various sizes and colours.

We round out our assortment with professional positioning aids for use in physiotherapy practices, care facilities and in operating theatres. Whether you are looking for levelers, surgical cushions or transportation aids, you are guaranteed to find the proper positioning aids to fit your needs, here.

More categories with Miscellaneous Products

  • Rubbish Bins Rubbish Bins

    Whether you are looking for foot pedal rubbish bins, garbage bag holders or paper towel bins, Praxisdienst offers the proper waste bin to meet your needs.

  • Armrests and Legrests Armrests and Legrests

    Here, you will find armrests and legrests for elevating legs, positioning arms for blood collection or simply as arm or leg support when changing bandages.

  • Step Stools Step Stools

    We offer step stools and rolling stools to help you reach even the highest shelves of your cabinets.

  • Positioning Aids Positioning Aids

    Praxisdienst offers a wide selection of positioning aids for use in physiotherapy practices, care homes and operating theatres.

  • Paper Towel Dispensers Paper Towel Dispensers

    We offer a wide selection of paper towel dispensers for hygienic removal of disposable towels. Here, you will also find contact-free paper towel dispensers.

  • Partitions & Room Dividers Partitions & Room Dividers

    Partitions are used to divide larger rooms and create privacy e.g. separating changing areas and treatment rooms.

  • Office Decoration Office Decoration

    In this category, you will find decorative items for general practices, hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

  • Wall-Mounted Dispensers Wall-Mounted Dispensers

    Discover our wide selection of hygienic, wall-mounted dispensers for liquid soap, disinfectants and skin care products.