Specialised Diagnostics

Specialised Diagnostics

In the Specialised diagnostics category, specialist doctors will find a wide selection of diagnostic instruments and devices for patient examinations.

In addition to audiometers and endoscopes, we offer a wide assortment of ECG devices for resting, exercise and long-term ECGs, as well as a comprehensive selection of arterial and foetal Dopplers. In the spirometry subcategory, pneumologists will find both mobile and PC spirometers, as well as peak flow meters, respiratory trainers and related consumables, ranging from disposable turbines to nose clips. Our assortment also includes professional ultrasound machines and ultrasound systems from Mindray and EDAN, which can be used in various specialist areas.

Discover our wide assortment of diagnostic devices and adapted accessories, and benefit from our affordable prices and attractive service offers.

More categories with Specialised Diagnostics

  • ABI Systems ABI Systems

    ABI systems for PAOD diagnosis using simultaneous blood pressure measurement on all 4 extremities. Ideal for assessing cardiovascular risks.

  • Audiometers Audiometers

    Here, you will find a large selection of audiometers for performing tone audiometry on adults and children. We supply devices from MAICO, ELECTRONICA Technologies and GN Otometrics.

  • Dermatoscopes Dermatoscopes

    Discover our large selection of cross polarised light dermatoscopes. Whether instrument heads or modern video dermatoscopes, we supply the right solution for your practice.

  • Optometry Optometry

    In the Optometry category, you will finden a wide selection of vision testing supplies from eye occluders to Frenzl goggles.

  • ECG Machines and Accessories ECG Machines and Accessories

    Whether you need PC ECGs, mobile ECGs or long-term ECG machines, we offer a wide selection of ECG machines and compatible accessories: from electrodes to ECG paper, all at attractive prices.

  • Endoscopes Endoscopes

    In the Endoscopes category, we offer rigid endoscopes for ENT doctors and adapted accessories: from cold light cables to endoscopy gel, all at attractive prices.

  • Vascular & Fetal Dopplers Vascular & Fetal Dopplers

    Praxisdienst offers a wide selection of vascular and foetal Dopplers from COMEN, EDAN and Bistos for use in angiology and gynaecology.

  • Headlamps & Loupes Headlamps & Loupes

    In the Headlamps and Loupes category, you will find LED headlamps, magnifying loupes, reflex mirrors and nystagmus glasses.

  • Proctoscopy Proctoscopy

    Praxisdienst offers various sets for the examination of the rectum and anal canal, as well as appropriate accessories for rectoscopes, anoscopes and proctoscopes.

  • X-Ray Equipment X-Ray Equipment

    In this category, you will find a wide selection of X-ray aprons for the protection of patients and staff, as well as accessories for X-ray examinations.

  • Spirometry Spirometry

    Spirometry provides information on the presence of obstructive or restrictive pulmonary disorders. We offer a wide range of spirometers and compatible accessories.

  • Tonometers Tonometers

    Tonometers are used to measure intraocular pressure and are especially useful for early recognition of glaucoma. Here, you will find tonometers and accessories.

  • Tympanometers Tympanometers

    Buy tympanometers for a quick and painless examination of the eardrum and middle ear, as well as appropriate accessories at affordable prices.

  • Ultrasound Machines and Accessories Ultrasound Machines and Accessories

    Discover our large selection of ultrasound machines and compatible accessories for use in various disciplines at affordable prices.