Heine Delta 20T Dermatoscope
Human / Diagnostics / Specialised Diagnostics / Dermatoscopes
Art. No.: 132737
Heine Optotechnik
EAN: 04053755181322
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  • LED dermatoscope head, CRI >80
  • 10-16x magnification
  • Contact plate with scale
Need a Compatible 3.5V Rechargeable Handle?
HEINE BETA L 3.5V Li-Ion Rechargeable Handle
HEINE BETA L 3.5V Li-Ion Rechargeable Handle
  • Up to 120 minutes of use
  • No memory affect
  • With LED charge level display
181,00 EUR*
HEINE Beta4 NT Rechargeable Handle
HEINE Beta4 NT Rechargeable Handle
149,00 EUR*
Heine Beta NT-handle, 3.5 Volt
Heine Beta NT-handle, 3.5 Volt NiMH
113,00 EUR*
Need a Compatible 2.5V Battery Handle?
HEINE BETA 2.5 Volt Battery Handle
HEINE BETA 2.5 Volt Battery Handle
  • Short circuit protected
  • Operated with 2x mini battery cells
  • Dimensions: 145 x ∅30 mm
48,50 EUR*
Need a Compatible Rechargeable USB Handle?
HEINE Beta4 USB-Chargeable Handle
HEINE Beta4 USB-Chargeable Handle
181,00 EUR*
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Heine Delta 20T Dermatoscope

The Heine Delta 20T dermatoscope is a high-quality instrument head to be combined with the optional handle in the Beta range for skin examination. The achromatic optics achieve 10x to 16x magnification, thus providing the dermatologist with a detailed view of the skin.
The Delta 20T dermatoscope allows one to easily toggle between polarised illumination and non-polarised illumination at the press of a button and allows dermatologists to easily recognise details like "blink sign" during a milia examination, for instance.

Product Details for the Heine Delta 20T

  • Heine Delta 20T dermatoscope
  • LED dermatoscope head for use with the optionally available Beta/Beta R/Beta L handles (2.5V and 3.5V)
  • Provides high-quality images of the skin and enables both diagnostic flexibility and a precise diagnosis
  • Simple switch between polarised and non-polarised illumination: "Toggle" function ("blink sign") 
  • Switch by simply pressing a button; no need to change the contact plate
  • Bright, homogeneous LED lighting for accurate colour rendition 
  • High-quality, achromatic optics for high-definition examination images
  • Contact dermoscopy examination possible with immersion oil
  • Effective heat management of the LEDs for consistant quality and performance
  • Contact plate with scale
  • 5 year warranty

Technical Details of the Delta 20T Dermatoscope

  • Heine Delta 20T dermatoscope
  • 10x to 16x magnification
  • Colour temperature: 5,000 K
  • Colour rendition index (CRI) > 80 (on max. scale of 100)
  • LED lifespan: up to 50,000 hours
This Delta 20T dermatoscope is not supplied in a set, with a case or any other products–only the diagnostic instrument head. Compatible diagnostic products, such as the handles, can be simultaneously ordered above.

The Heine Delta 20T dermatoscope can also be used with a digital camera. If you would like to order the compatible connector kit for a digital camera, please let us know with which digital camera you intend to use the dermatoscope so that we can help you order the compatible kit.

The Heine Delta 20T dermatoscope is not smartphone compatible!
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