In the carriers category, we include smear utensils, agar plates, microscope slides, haemocytometers and more. Here, we offer a wide selection of smear utensils, e.g. for performing gynaecological smear tests or throat swabs. Whether you are looking for smear spatulas or sterile smear brushes, you will find the appropriate smear utensils to fit every need.

In the category «Agar Plates», we have amassed various immersion media that assist with a targeted examination of specific bacteria in urine. The UrinAX agar plates are available in various models, based on which bacteria need to be cultivated. On a related topic, we also provide incubators for growing bacterial cultures. Our incubators are ideal for a small number of samples and can be used, for example, in microbiology, haematology and molecular biology.

Our assortment is completed with a wide selection of microscope slides, cover slips, capillary tubes and haemocytometers.

Discover more consumables and instruments for laboratory use in our «Laboratory Equipment» category.

More categories with Carriers

  • Sampling Utensils Sampling Utensils

    We offer a wide selection of sterile and non-sterile sampling utensils, e.g for use in gynaecology.

  • Agar Plates & Dip Slides Agar Plates & Dip Slides

    Discover our wide selection of UrinAX dip slides for growing gram-negative bacteria or for determining germ count.

  • Microscope Slides & Haemocytometers Microscope Slides & Haemocytometers

    Here, you will find microscope slides, cover slips, haemocytometers, Petri dishes, capillary tubes and many other laboratory products.