Combur 2 Test LN, 50 pcs.
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Art. No.: 603000
Roche Diagnostics
EAN: 4015630004546 Combur 2 Test LN, 50 pcs.
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  • Reliable diagnosis
  • High sensitivity
  • Clear and reliable interpretation of results
Quantity: per 50 piece
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Combur 2 Test LN - Urine Test strips

Extremely accurate and easy to use urine test strips with a long shelf life.
  • 50 test strips
  • Parameters: nitrite, leukocytes


Product Characteristics of the Combur 2 Urine Test Strips

  • Reliable diagnosis: Even minor pathological changes in urine result in clear colour changes on the test pad. For this reason, a urine analysis with Combur 2 urine test strips in a hospital and surgery environment constitutes the first step towards a reliable diagnosis.
  • High sensitivity: Thanks to the low detection limit of the Combur 2 urine test strips, even tiny pathological changes in the urine are made visible.
  • Resistance to ascorbic acid: Combur 2 urine test strips are iodate protected against interference with ascorbic acid, both during the glucose and haemoglobin determination. Because of this, false-negative results can practically be excluded.
  • Clear and reliable results interpretation: The Combur 2 urine test strips are designed in such a way that any chemical spreading onto an adjacent test pad can be prevented, which makes it possible to achieve an even and clear discolouration. Hence the evaluation is always clear and reliable.
  • Economy: Combur 2 urine test strips can be easily stored at room temperature. The desiccant integrated in the cap prevents the expensive expiration of the reagent.
  • Maximum reading comfort: Combur 2 urine test strips enable the simultaneous reading of all test pads within 1 to 2 minutes. Thanks to the long grip, your hands remain clean.
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