Cleaning and Care

Cleaning and Care

Praxisdienst offers simply everything you need for cleaning and care in your practice or hospital. Our assortment includes wash lotions and soaps, as well as hand washing gloves, wash brushes and an enormous selection of skin creams. In addition to these skin cleansing and care products, we also offer you ultrasonic cleaning devices for effective and thorough cleaning of instruments. These can be found in the subcategory "Ultrasonic cleaners."

Everything you need for the cleaning and care of professionally demanding skin can be purchased at affordable prices at Praxisdienst.

More categories with Cleaning and Care

  • Soap Dispensers Soap Dispensers

    Soap dispensers for liquid soaps, operated with an arm lever or with a touchless sensor. Shop the entire range, today!

  • Hand Wash Brushes & Wash Gloves Hand Wash Brushes & Wash Gloves

    In this category, you will find wash gloves for washing bedridden patients and sterile brushes for thorough hand washing and nail cleaning.

  • Skin Care Skin Care

    Hand creams and skin-care products with nourishing ingredients - ideally suited for healthcare employees.

  • Ultrasonic Cleaners Ultrasonic Cleaners

    Ultrasonic cleaners are used in medicine to clean medical and surgical instruments gently yet thoroughly.

  • Hand Soap & Body Wash Hand Soap & Body Wash

    Praxisdienst offers an extensive range of medical hand soap, washing lotions and creams for gently cleaning the hands and body. We also stock special products for allergy sufferers.