Elmasonic Med 30
Human / Hygiene / Cleaning and Care / Ultrasonic Cleaners
Product overview
  • Removes even stubborn soiling
  • Ultrasonic frequency: 37 kHz
  • Has 5 different ultrasound modes
  • With acoustic signals and a variety of functions
  • Available in different sizes
Application overview
  • Ideal for pre-cleaning instruments, prostheses and implants
  • Perfect for hospitals, doctors' and dentists' surgeries
  • Also for beauty salons, dental laboratories and tattoo & piercing studios
Elmasonic Med 30

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Elmasonic Med 30
Elmasonic Med
€ 873,00 net
€ 1.038,87 gross
In stock. Expected delivery date: 00.00.0000 6 pm
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Product Description

Elmasonic Med

The MDR-compliant Elmasonic Med ultrasonic cleaner from Elma is perfectly suited for facilities where instruments, prostheses and implants need to be pre-cleaned and also freed from stubborn dirt. The ultrasonic cleaner has 5 different ultrasonic modes and guarantees an optimal cleaning result. Thanks to a wipeable membrane keypad, the unit can be cleaned easily from the outside, while the non-slip feet ensure a high level of stability.

In addition, the unit also has a variety of other functions, such as the auto start, an adjustable limit temperature and cleaning duration. The ultrasonic cleaner switches off automatically after 8 hours. Both optical and acoustic signals, e.g. at the end of cleaning or limit temperature, facilitate the use of the ultrasonic device. The Elmasonic Med is available in different sizes and versions.

Product Details

  • Elmasonic Med from Elma
  • Ultrasonic cleaning device according to the latest standards
  • Particularly powerful
  • Removes even stubborn soiling
  • With an ultrasonic frequency of 37 kHz
  • Has 5 different ultrasonic modes
  • Has 4 memory locations for cleaning programmes
  • Auto-start function for temperature-controlled start of cleaning
  • Limit temperature can be set from 40 - 60 °C
  • With visual and acoustic signals, e.g. at the end of cleaning
  • Adjustable cleaning time
  • Automatic switch-off after 8 hours
  • MDR-compliant
  • Material (tub/housing): stainless steel
  • With integrated heat warning
  • Drain included (not available for Elmasonic Med 30, 500 and 900)
  • Ball valve, open/close drain drain and hose nozzle on 500 and 900 models
  • Non-slip feet ensure high stability
  • Easy cleaning of surfaces thanks to wipeable foil keyboard
  • Ideal for pre-cleaning instruments, dentures and implants
  • Perfect for doctors' and dentists' surgeries, hospitals, CSSDs, beauty salons, dental laboratories and tattoo and piercing studios
  • Includes mains cable with cold appliance connection (2 m)
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 2 years from initial start-up
  • Available in different sizes and models
  • Delivery contents: 1 ultrasonic cleaner

Available ultrasound modes

  • Degas = Quick degassing
  • Eco = Quieter, more energy-efficient operation and longer unit service life
  • Sweep = Uniform ultrasonic cleaning
  • PULSE = For stubborn soiling
  • Dynamic = Auto. switch between pulse and sweep for even better results

Ordering Information

External dimensions (W x D x H)
Internal dimensions (W x D x H)
30305 x 170 x 230 mm220 x 120 x 95 mm1.6 L3.6 kg
60370 x 210 x 275 mm275 x 125 x 145 mm4.3 L5.2 kg
100380 x 300 x 280 mm280 x 220 x 145 mm6.8 L6.2 kg
120380 x 300 x 330 mm300 x 215 x 195 mm10 L7.7 kg
180405 x 360 x 330 mm300 x 370 x 195 mm14.2 L10.2 kg
200600 x 385 x 280 mm505 x 300 x 150 mm13.0/18.0 L12,2 kg
300575 x 360 x 330 mm475 x 270 x 195 mm22.0 L12.2 kg
500770 x 425 x 505 mm500 x 330 x 290 mm40.3 L29.8 kg
900870 x 665 x 505 mm600 x 500 x 285 mm63.7 L43.0 kg
Product Identification

Product Identification

Manufacturer: Elma

MPN: 214-Elma-30

Art. No.: 142366

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Elmasonic Med ultrasonic cleaning unit for pre-cleaning instruments, prostheses and implants
Elmasonic Med 30
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