Paul Hartmann
Sterillium Hand Sanitizer 500 ml
Human / Hygiene / Disinfectants / Hand Sanitiser
Product overview
  • Alcoholic hand sanitizer
  • Excellent immediate effect
  • Wide spectrum of efficacy
  • Listing: VAH, IHO list of virucidal products, RKI list
  • For normal and dry skin
Guaranteed usable until: 28/02/2026
Paul Hartmann
Sterillium Hand Sanitizer 500 ml
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Packaging Unit: 500 ml

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Sterillium Hand Sanitizer 500 ml
Sterillium Hand Sanitizer
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In stock. Expected delivery date: 00.00.0000 6 pm
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Product Description

Sterillium Hand Sanitizer

Sterillium from Bode is is an RKI-listed disinfectant for hand disinfection with very good skin compatibility and a wide spectrum of efficacy. Thanks to its moisturising and hydrating ingredients, is ideal for long-term use in users with dry skin.

Its excellent immediate action and short activation time make Sterillium the ideal choice for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection. The hand disinfectant is ideal for use in medical practices of all specialities, care facilities, laboratories or for operating theatres and intensive care units.

Product Details

  • Ready-to-use, alcohol-based hand disinfectant
  • Manufacturer: Bode
  • Solution for rubbing into dry hands
  • Active Ingredients: Propanol, QAV, Mecetroniumetilsulfat (MES)
  • Gentle on the skin and moisturising
  • Rapid efficacy 
  • For disinfecting dry and normal skin
  • Particularly skin-friendly, even with long-term use
  • Excellent immediate effectiveness
  • For surgical and hygienic hand disinfection
  • Broad efficacy against bacteria, enveloped viruses and fungi
  • Ideal for hand hygiene in surgeries, hospitals, nursing homes and home care
  • Optimally dosed via a pump dispenser
  • Regular use of Bode Sterillium increases skin hydration
  • Extensively tested for efficacy and skin compatibility
  • Listing: VAH, IHO virucidal list, RKI list area A and area limited virucidal  
  • Available in different volumes: 100 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre and 5 litres

Spectrum of Efficacy

  • Bactericidal
  • Yeasticidal
  • Tuberculocidal
  • Mycobactericide
  • Limited virucidal
  • Effective against adeno-, rota- and polyomaviruses
Product Identification

Product Identification

Manufacturer: Paul Hartmann

MPN: 106650

Artikel-Nr.: 126023

EAN: 4031678000784

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