Octenisept 50 ml
Human / Hygiene / Disinfectants / Skin Disinfectants
Art. No.: 350000
Schülke & Mayr
EAN: 4032651214181
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  • Wound disinfectant with octenidine
  • Painless application
  • Wide spectrum of efficacy
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Octenisept Antiseptic for Wound Disinfection

Octenisept from Schülke & Mayr is a modern, broad-spectrum and painless wound antiseptic for use on skin and mucous membrane. The means of application for disinfecting wounds are diverse, as Octenisept can be sprayed from a spray pump, poured, or even applied with a swabbing technique. Wound irrigations can also be carried out with an Octenisept solution. This wound treatment and cleaning agent is ready to use and a dilution of 50% is recommended when being used for full-body washing of MRSA patients.

Product Details for Octenisept

  • Octenisept antiseptic for wound disinfection
  • Good tolerability with skin and mucous membrane
  • Fast-acting wound disinfection (starts working within just 1 minute)
  • Pharmaceutically active antiseptic ingredients: Octenidinhydrochloride (octenidine), phenoxyethanol
  • Free of phenol and iodine
  • Applicable for use with children, infants and newborns without limitations
  • No systemic side effects
  • Improved wound healing via antiseptic ingredients
  • Colourless
  • Available with and without spray pump
  • Dosage form: solution
  • Manufacturer: Schälke & Mayr

Areas of Application for Octenisept

  • Wound cleaning
  • Treatment of chronic, traumatic, acute and surgical wounds
  • Prior to treatment and operations in the anogenital and urogenital regions
  • Prior to operations in the oral region
  • Pre-operative skin antiseptic in areas close to the mucous membrane (before incisions, for example)
  • Full-body antimicrobial washing to protect against MRSA

Spectrum of Efficacy for Octenisept:

  • Bacteria (including MRSA, E.coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, chlamydia and mycoplasma)
  • Fungi (e.g. candida albicans) and yeasts
  • Protozoa (trichomonads)
  • Viruses (including Herpes simplex, HBV, HCV and HIV)

Octenisept from Schülke & Mayr is available in various sizes for spray or swab application. This mucous membrane antiseptic for painless wound disinfection, wound irrigation and wound treatment can be purchase for a great low price from Praxisdienst! In our online shop, you will also find a large selection of other skin antiseptics and disinfectants.

Frequently Asked Questions
May I also use Octenisept on infants?

Yes, it is no problem to use Octenisept for wound cleaning or irrigation on infants and newborns.

I would like to use the wound antiseptic for full-body washing of MRSA patients. Should I use the preparation pure or is it possible to dilute it?

You can use a 50% Octenisept solution for an antimicrobial full-body wash. Please note the activation time of 2 minutes.

How should I best apply Octenisept prior to a tooth extraction?

Based on the physiological and anatomical characteristics of oral mucous membrane, Octenisept is best applied with a swabbing technique. The mucous membrane is generously applied with a swab soaked with the wound disinfectant. The activation time in the oral cavity using the swabbing technique is 2 minutes.

May I use this wound disinfectant for nasal irrigations?

No, the manufacturer notes that Octenisept is not suited for nasal irrigation!

Is it possible to use the agent in a frozen state and does it lose its efficacy?

The preparation can also be applied in a frozen state and does not lose its germ-reducing efficacy. Use in a frozen state is conceivable for phlegmons or erysipelas, for example.

What are the antiseptic ingredients in Octenisept?

The antiseptic ingredients in Octenisept are octenidine (octenidine-dihydrochloride) and phenoxyethanol.

How long is the reaction time of Octenisept?

Depending on the type of germ and area of application, the manufacturer recommends an activation time allowance between 30 seconds and two minutes.

In which pack sizes is this wound disinfecting agent available?

Octenisept from Schülke & Mayr is available from Praxisdienst in sizes of 50 ml, 500 ml and 1 L. The 50 ml spray bottle is equipped with a spray nozzle.

What needs to be looked out for in order to prevent tissue damage through use of this disinfectant?

In order to prevent possible tissue damage, the preparation must not be injected into the tissue.

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