In the category Disinfection, we offer an extensive assortment of disinfectants for professional use in general practices, hospitals, care facilities and emergency services.
Our range includes surface disinfectants for the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, floors and medical supplies, skin sanitisers for disinfection prior to injections, punctures or surgical procedures, and instrument disinfectants for the preparation of reusable medical instruments.
Of course, we also offer a wide selection of hand sanitisers for hygienic, surgical disinfection. The various Sterillium products are particularly popular, such as Sterillium virugard and Sterillium med.
Most of the products in the disinfection category are available in different pack sizes to suit your needs - from bottled products to economical storage containers.

More categories with Disinfection

  • Detergent Disinfectant Detergent Disinfectant

    Detergent disinfectant is used for simultaneous cleaning and decontamination of medical professional clothing. Available for white and coloured laundry.

  • Disinfection Accessories Disinfection Accessories

    From spray nozzles and dosing pumps to disinfection basins and rapid hygiene tests: you will find a large selection of practical disinfection accessories here.

  • Dosing Pumps Dosing Pumps

    Dosing pumps for hygienically dispensing disinfectants, wash lotions and moisturisers from bottles and canisters.

  • Surface Disinfection Surface Disinfection

    Whether you're looking for a concentrate, stock solution or a cloth system - at Praxisdienst, you will find a wide range of products for surface disinfection in doctor's practices, hospitals and nu...

  • Hand Sanitiser Hand Sanitiser

    Discover our large selection of hand sanitisers from renowned manufacturers. In addition to Sterillium, we also offer Descoderm, Softa-Man, Manusept and more!

  • Skin Disinfectants Skin Disinfectants

    Buy skin disinfectants for use prior to injections, punctures and surgical procedures, either coloured or clear; in ready-to-use bottles or in storage containers.

  • Instrument Disinfection Instrument Disinfection

    In the Instrument disinfection category, we offer cleaning products and disinfectants for preparation of reusable medical instruments.