Octenisept for Wound Cleaning 50 ml
Human / Hygiene / Disinfection / Skin Disinfectants
Art. No.: 350000
Schülke & Mayr
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octenisept ® aqueous mucosa and wound antiseptic

Octenisept is a modern, broad-spectrum and, most importantly, pain-free wound antiseptic.

Advantages of Octenisept

  • Good tolerability on skin and mucous membrane
  • Fast-acting (starts working in just 1 minute)
  • Free from phenol and iodine
  • Can be used freely with children, infants and newborns
  • Pain-free application
  • No systematic side-effects

Range of application

  • Wound cleaning
  • Treatment of chronic, traumatic, acute and surgical wounds
  • Prior to treatment and operations in the anogenital and urogenital regions.
  • Prior to operations in the oral region
  • Pre-operative skin antiseptic in areas close to the mucous membrane (before incisions, for example)
  • Full-body antimicrobial washing to protect against MRSA

Spectrum of action:

Octenisept is effective against:

  • Bacteria (including Chlamydia and Mycoplasma)
  • Fungi and yeasts
  • Protozoa (trichomonads)
  • Viruses (including Herpes simplex, HBV, HCV and HIV)
  • MRSA

Octenisept can be applied in a variety of ways: either sprayed or swabbed onto the skin, or simply dabbed onto the disinfected areas. Octenisept can also be used for rinsing. For antimicrobial full-body wash with MRSA colonised patients, a diluted solution containing 50% Octenisept is recommended.

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