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Disposable Gloves for the Practice, Hospital or Laboratory

Here, you will find Disposable Gloves & Medical Gloves to fit every need!

Disposable gloves are used daily in the general practice, hospitals or labs for various applications. As far as medical gloves are concerned for activities such as patient examinations, laboratory examinations or changing bandages, examination gloves are most often required. For operations, special, sterile disposable gloves, such as surgical gloves are used, so as to affect touch sensitivity as little as possible. Disposable gloves can be composed of various materials such as latex, nitril or vinyl. Nitril gloves are a great alternative to the commonly used latex gloves for those who suffer from latex allergies. 

Typical disposable gloves, in your choice of powdered and powder-free surgical gloves, are available. Although powdered latex gloves can strengthen protection from allergies, medical gloves nevertheless mostly come powder-free and, instead, with a special inner lining. For cleaning work or surface disinfection, special PVC-, PE- or nitril gloves are available. 

One measure of the manufacturing quality of disposable goves is the so-called Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL). The exclaimed worth of the manufacturer is a quality indicator for the thickness of the used materials. The lower the AQL worth is, the safer--or thicker--the disposable gloves are.

Whether you need standard gloves, gloves for sensitive skin or special, single-purpose gloves: at Praxisdienst you will find a large selection of disposable gloves and medical gloves at affordable prices. You not only have the choice between surgical, examination, or protective gloves, but also between various materials and diverse sizes.

Of course, we also offer you a wide assortment of compatible glove dispensers. Simply use our practical filter function and sort the gloves by material, sterility, powdering and application. This way, you will quickly find the perfect disposable gloves for every activity. In our online-shop, you will exclusively receive disposable gloves from well-known brands and manufacturers, such as Ampri, Ansell, MaiMed or Peha. In most cases, the disposable gloves are offered in packaging sizes of 50, 100 or 200 pieces. 

Whether sterile, unsterile, powdered or powder-free - at Praxisdienst, you may purchase the proper disposable gloves for every need.