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Disposable gloves are used daily in medical areas for very different applications. Whilst examination gloves are used for non-sterile activities, such as examining patients, laboratory tests or changing bandages, sterile activities, such as operations, require special sterile surgical gloves.

Disposable gloves can be made from different materials. However, the most commonly used are latex gloves, followed by nitrile gloves and vinyl gloves. Nitrile gloves are a good alternative to latex gloves if the user is allergic to latex.

Examination gloves, like surgical gloves, are available with or without powdering. However, as powdering can increase the allergic reaction to latex gloves, many disposable gloves have a special inner coating rather than powdering. Special PVC, PE and nitrile gloves are available for cleaning work or for disinfecting surfaces.

At Praxisdienst you will find a wide selection of different disposable gloves at affordable prices. You can not only choose between surgical and examination gloves, but also between different materials and sizes. Of course, we also offer a wide range of suitable glove dispensers.

Use our practical filter function and sort the gloves according to material, sterility, powdering and purpose.

Whether you are looking for surgical gloves, protective gloves or examination gloves - you will find the appropriate disposable gloves for your needs at Praxisdienst.