Peha-isoprene Latex-Free Surgical Gloves 6.0
Human / Hygiene / Protective Clothing / Gloves / Surgical Gloves
Art. No.: 129775Gr6-0
Paul Hartmann
EAN: 04052199222608 Peha-isoprene Latex-Free Surgical Gloves
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  • Made from synthetic Polyisoprene
  • Excellent tactile sensitivity
  • Highly elastic, tear resistant, latex-free
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Surgical Gloves, Peha-isoprene Latex-Free

Peha-isoprene latex-free are non-powdered and latex-free surgical gloves that are sterile packed in pairs. These surgical gloves are made of a very thin and soft material and provide an anatomical fit. The lack of latex and the use of 100% synthetic polyisoprene makes these surgical gloves excellent for users who suffer from latex allergies.

Product Details for Peha-isoprene Latex-Free

  • Latex-free surgical gloves made from 100% synthetic polyisoprene
  • Non-powdered
  • Particularly thin and soft material
  • Anatomical form offers unconstrained wear and a perfect fit
  • Excellent tactile sensitivity
  • Micro-roughened surface
  • Highly elastic
  • Tear-resistant
  • Polymere lining makes the easy to pull on
  • Also suited for operations with high risk of perforation or for high-risk patients, or as outer gloves when double gloving
  • In accordance with European norm 455
  • AQL level: 0.65
  • Wrapped in sterile pairs
  • 1 box contains 50 pairs of Peha-isoprene Latex-Free Surgical Gloves
These non-latex surgical gloves can be used in all surgical areas, but are especially suited for use when the user and/or patient suffers from latex protein allergies (type I Allergy).
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