Sodium Citrate, 100 ml Solution
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Art. No.: 431121 Sodium Citrate, 100 ml Solution
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  • Ready-made solution
  • Concentration: 3.13%
  • Sterile and pyrogen-free
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Sodium Citrate, 100 ml Solution


Sodium citrate solution is primarily used in medicine as an anticoagulant for in-vitro use.


Product Details for Sodium Citrate Solution:

  • Ready-to-use solution
  • Concentration: 3.13%
  • Sterile and non-pyrogenic
  • In glass bottles with pierceable lid
For the extraction of plasma, for example, a whole blood sample is mixed with sodium citrate to prevent blood clotting and then the sample is centrifuged.
Even when testing the blood sedimentation rate, the anticoagulant properties of sodium citrate are advantageous, since sodium citrate is proven as a particularly effective anticoagulant.

This product comes in a 100ml glass bottle.

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