Microvette 200 Capillary Blood Collection System haematology
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https://static.praxisdienst.com/out/pictures/master/product/1/130709-kalium-edta-200_zoom1_z1(1).jpg Microvette 200 Capillary Blood Collection System
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  • Microvette with various preparations
  • Good mixability, colour-coding
  • For collecting 200µl of capillary blood
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Microvette 200, Capillary Blood Collection System

The Microvette 200 is the ideal solution for capillary blood collection. This is especially useful, when capillary blood is needed for further use, i.e. when it is to be mixed with potassium EDTA or a clot activator.

Advantages of the Microvette 200:

  • Simple extraction of exact amounts of blood
  • Good mixability
  • Colour-coding of the preparation
  • Special cap to reduce the aerosol effect upon opening

The Microvette 200 is a classic end-to-end capillary blood collection device that is already connected to a graduated container and thus, facilitates the extraction of exact amounts of capillary blood of 200μl.
Each Microvette 200 is colour-coded, indicating which preparation is contained, and also has special geometry that allows the blood sample to be thoroughly mixed with the reagent.
To make working with the blood sample particularly safe and hygienic, the attached capillary tube is about 4.5 cm long and the cap is placed to prevent any squirting upon opening.
1 pack contains 100 Sarstedt Microvette 200s.

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