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Medical instruments can serve many different purposes in medicine. Among others, one distinguishes between diagnostic instruments and surgical instruments. 

Diagnostic Instruments

Diagnostic instruments are tools that can provide information about certain diseases. For example, reflexes are tested with a reflex hammer, while a tuning fork serves to control vibration sensitivity. Diagnostic instruments are typically reusable, but there are also disposable instruments that are disposed of immediately after use, such asa wooden tongue depressor, which is used to examine the mouth and throat.

At Praxisdienst, you will find a wide range of diagnostic instruments for neurological, orthopaedic and general medical examinations.

Surgical Instruments 

Surgical instruments are used in the context of invasive procedures. They can be distinguished as grabbing, cutting, clamping and holding instruments, among others. In addition to reusable instruments, there are also disposable instruments that are thrown out immediately after use. Disposable instruments offer many advantages compared to reusable instruments and are therefore preferred by a growing number of doctors.

In the category "Instruments," Praxisdienst offers a comprehensive range of surgical instruments for various applications and operations. Of course, our range includes a wide selection of disposable instruments, pre-packaged instruments and surgical sets.

In the category "Reprocessing," you will find an ample assortment of autoclaves, sterilisation packages and instrument care products for the cleaning and preparation of your medical instruments.