MELAdoc Label Printer for Sterilisation Packages
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0 MELAdoc Label Printer for Sterilisation Packages
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MELAdoc label printer for sterilisation packages

With the MELAdoc label printer you can quickly and safely label sterilised material. The labels contain information about sterilisation date, expiration date, operator and batch number.

  • A roll of 750 labels is included with the printer.


Product description

The MELAdoc label printer simplifies the identification and release documentation of sterile-packed instruments and textiles and enables the traceability of the batch: by specifying the sterilisation date, batch number, the name of the person who authorised the release of the instrument and the steriliser used; sterilised instruments can be easily assigned according to patient and batch number. Use the MELAdoc label printer in conjunction with documentation sheets (e.g. MELAdoc documentation sheets).

Documentation of the batch

After each sterilisation, a label is printed and stuck into the sterilisation diary to document the batch.


Once the sterile material has been properly packaged, a label should be applied. In doing so, the conditions for proper "release" by an assistant entrusted with processing are met. The risks associated with labelling plastic packaging with a pen (danger of puncturing the packaging) or a permanent marker (danger of micro-perforation by dissolving the plastic) are avoided.

For surgical protocol

MELAdoc labels are double self-adhesive. After using the instruments, the MELAdoc label can simply be peeled from the packaging and stuck in the patient's record.


In cases of accusation of a secondary infection, MELAdoc labels can be referred to in a patient's record, and all information pertaining to the correct sterilisation procedure for instruments will be available. The person responsible for processing and release, as well as the equipment used (steriliser number), can be ascertained, and the information about the sterilisation date and batch number allows adherence to sterilisation protocols and thus provides reliable evidence that the instruments used have been properly sterilised!

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MELAdoc Label Printer for Sterilisation Packages
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