From scissors and tweezers to retractors and scalpels, our "Instruments" category offers a broad spectrum of medical and surgical instruments for use in doctor's surgeries, practices and hospitals. Our reusable instruments are made of high-grade, stainless steel and can be easily disinfected and sterilised.

Praxisdienst not only offers reusable surgical instruments, but also an extensive range of disposable instruments. Single-use surgical instruments are gaining popularity in doctor's practices and hospitals as they offer many advantages over reusable instruments.

Our range of instruments is rounded out by various diagnostic instruments, such as reflex hammers and tuning forks.

Discover our extensive range of surgical and medical instruments and benefit from our unbeatable prices.

More categories with Instruments

  • Single-Use Instruments Single-Use Instruments

    Sterile single-use instruments, e.g. from Hartmann and Teqler. Very hygienic, safe and economical due to disposal after use.

  • Plaster Saws and Cast Breakers Plaster Saws and Cast Breakers

    Plaster saws, plaster scissors and cast spreaders for careful removal of plaster and gypsum casts.

  • Gynaecological Instruments Gynaecological Instruments

    We offer a large selection of gynaecological instruments, from vaginal specula to amnihooks.

  • Skin Punches and Curettes Skin Punches and Curettes

    Purchase affordable skin punches and curettes for taking skin samples or removing tissue alterations from Praxisdienst.

  • Clamps Clamps

    From hysterectomy and haemostatic clamps to swab clamps - here, you will find a large selection of surgical clamps for a variety of medical disciplines.

  • Manicure & Pedicure Manicure & Pedicure

    Discover our wide range of manicure and pedicure products, such as callus removers and manicure sets.

  • Needle Holders & Cotton Applicators Needle Holders & Cotton Applicators

    Here, you will find easy-to-use needle holders for surgical suturing, as well as cotton applicators; always at affordable prices.

  • Nasal Specula Nasal Specula

    Here, you will find nasal specula for examining the nasal cavity and the anterior nasal passages.

  • Ear Syringes & Ear Irrigators Ear Syringes & Ear Irrigators

    Buy ear syringes and ear irrigators for thorough cleaning of the auditory canal; always at low prices from Praxisdienst.

  • Thumb Forceps Thumb Forceps

    From anatomical and surgical forceps to splinter and ear forceps, we offer a wide range of thumb forceps for every need.

  • Sharp Curettes Sharp Curettes

    You can buy sharp curettes in various sizes for the precise removal of tissue from Praxisdienst.

  • Scissors Scissors

    Discover our wide variety of affordable bandage scissors, thread scissors, ligature scissors and surgical scissors.

  • Scalpels and Blades Scalpels and Blades

    You will find a large selection of scalpels, safety scalpels, scalpel blades and scalpel handles at Praxisdienst.

  • Retractors & Spreaders Retractors & Spreaders

    Surgical retractors and surgical spreaders are used during operations to ensure easy access to the operation field.

  • Forceps Forceps

    Whether tenaculum forceps, tongue forceps, Magill forceps or tick-removal forceps - at Praxisdienst, you will find a wide selection of forceps for various applications.

  • Tongue Depressors & Laryngeal Mirrors Tongue Depressors & Laryngeal Mirrors

    Tongue depressors and laryngeal mirrors allow for a thorough examination of the mouth and throat.