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Skin Punches and Curettes

Skin punches and curettes are instruments used daily in dermatology. They are usually supplied as single-use instruments to greatly reduce the risk of cross-contamination and infection transmission.

Skin punches, also known as biopsy punches, are used for gently removing tissue samples. The sharpened blade enables a precise puncture of the tissue and produces a wound with sharply defined edges that can be easily treated. In addition, the tissue trauma is very low when using a skin punch. Skin punches are available in different shapes and sizes. The elliptical punches are especially popular, as the elliptical wounds produced by the biopsy are easier to stitch up.

Superficial skin lesions are generally removed with the help of so-called curettes. These sharp circular instruments (also known as ring curettes) enable a precise and gentle removal of tissues without damaging the healthy surrounding tissue. Ring curettes are also available in different sizes.

Curettes, skin punches and many other dermatology instruments are excellent value from Praxisdienst.