BladeBox Scalpel Blade Remover
Human / Medical Instruments / Surgical Instruments / Scalpels and Blades
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EAN: 9337363000646 BladeBox Scalpel Blade Remover
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BladeBox scalpel blade remover

The BladeBox scalpel blade remover provides a safe one-handed method for removing scalpel blades from handles.

Details of the BladeBox scalpel blade remover:

  • Minimises the risk of injury
  • In conformity with TRBA 250 legislation
  • Holds up to 150 blades

TRBA 250 legislation, intended to the prevent sharps injuries, has also been mandatory for German medical practices since 2008. This amendment makes provisions for the use of "safe instruments". As this cannot always be guaranteed, "security measures of an organisational nature" are also possible. Under these security measures, setting up suitable disposal containers, such as the BladeBox scalpel blade remover, is covered.

How the BladeBox scalpel blade remover works:

  • Insert the scalpel into the opening
  • The scalpel blade remover locks onto the scalpel blade and holds it
  • Remove the empty scalpel

The BladeBox scalpel blade remover is both easy and safe to use.

The insertion of the scalpel can be done with one hand and thus prevents stab or cut injuries which could occur, for example, if the scalpel blade remover needed to be held with the second hand.
The removed scalpel blade remains inside the BladeBox and is thus held away safely. The BladeBox scalpel blade remover has a capacity of 150 scalpel blades; after the BladeBox has become full, it can be disposed of just like any other sharps container. This scalpel blade remover is suitable for all common scalpel handles (figure 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9).

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BladeBox Scalpel Blade Remover
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