Surgical Scissors pointed/blunt, 14.5 cm
Human / Medical Instruments / Surgical Instruments / Single-Use Instruments
Art. No.: 131133
Paul Hartmann
EAN: 4052199218601 Surgical Scissors
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  • Single-use, brushed-steel surgical scissors
  • With colour-lock safety marking
  • Dispenser with 25 sterile scissors
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62.65 EUR New Out of stock
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Surgical Scissors, Single-Use Peha®-Instrument


These surgical scissors are a Peha®-instrument and are made of brushed steel. Since a new instrument is used each time, Peha® single-use instruments always offer highest precision and functionality.  The surgical scissors from Hartmann, like all Peha® single-use instruments, are clearly marked as such; thus, the risk of mixing single-use instruments and traditional instruments is greatly reduced. These surgical scissors are available in various shapes and lengths.

Product Details

  • Surgical scissors
  • Available in various designs
  • Material: brushed steel
  • Sterile shelf life: 5 years
  • Individually sterile sealed
  • Featuring Peha® Colour Lock® security labelling for reliable differentiation of reusable instruments
  • Clearly marked as a single-use instrument
  • Dispenser with 25 individually packed surgical scissors
  • Hartmann item no.: 9910811 (pointed/blunt, 14.5 cm) | 9910821 (blunt/blunt, 14.5 cm) | 9910831 (pointed/pointed, 13 cm)

Areas of Application

Surgical scissors are a classic surgical instrument for cutting through tissue and dressing materials. They are also often used to pull threads. Surgical scissors are an important part of a surgical instrument collection and can be used in virtually all surgical procedures.

About Single-Use Peha®-Instruments

Peha®-instruments from Hartmann are a safe and economical alternative to reusable instruments. These Hartmann single-use instruments are made of matted, brushed steel. The brushed finish prevents reflections; thus, providing increased safety.

Using a procedure specially developed by Hartmann, the disposable instruments are cleaned prior sterilisation. As a result, disposable instruments boast reliable levels of purity and sterility. Peha®-instruments not only prevent the risk of cross-contamination, but they also fully meet the standards for feel and handling that comes with high-quality medical instruments. To avoid mixing up single-use Peha®-instruments with conventional reusable instruments, these single-use instruments are marked with a single-use label for medical products, as well as with the Peha® Colour Lock® security label. Because Peha®-instruments do not have to be reprocessed, they effectively save on time and cost; not only making them worthwhile for smaller practices, but also for hospitals and physician's kits. Each disposable instrument is individually sterile-packed and has a sterile shelf life of 5 years. Peha®-instruments are alway on hand and ready to use. The Peha®-instrument series offers a wide variety of instrument types in different models–from anatomical forceps to specialised surgical instruments. The single-use instruments in the Peha®-instrument series cover all the major types of medical instruments.

Disposable Peha®-instruments can be disposed of in the household waste after being placed in a transparent, puncture-proof container. In the case of incineration, the recycled material can be used to manufacture new products.

Single-use Peha®-instruments are always in perfect functional and sanitary condition, thereby offering the highest possible degree of user comfort and safety.

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Surgical Scissors
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