Dressing Forceps, Straight
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  • Single-use instrument made from a high-performance polymer
  • 20 cm long, 5 year sterile shelf life
  • Dispenser box with 20 sterile forceps
Quantity: per 20 piece
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Dressing Forceps


These straight dressing forceps are a SUSI single-use instrument from Aesculap and are made from a fibreglass-reinforced, high-performance polymer. The 5-year sterile shelf life makes it particularly economical to stock up on these dressing forceps.


Product Details

  • Aesculap dressing forceps
  • SUSI single-use instrument
  • Made from a fibreglass-reinforced, high-performance polymer
  • 5 year sterile shelf life
  • Great precision and mechanical properties
  • Clearly recognised as single-use instrument
  • Straight form
  • 20 cm long
  • 20 pieces, individually sterile packed in a dispenser box

Advantages of SUSI Single-Use Instruments:

  • Sterile instruments are always ready for use, when needed
  • No risk of infectious transmission
  • Same standard of quality, since a new instrument is always used
  • Use of a steriliser or autoclave is superfluous
  • No risk of passing rust from old instruments to high-quality instruments
  • Eliminates cost and time-intensive reprocessing and sterilisation
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