Micro Adson Thumb Forceps, Surgical,12 cm
Human / Instruments / Instruments / Single-Use Instruments
Art. No.: 131144
Paul Hartmann
EAN: 4052199219646
https://static.praxisdienst.com/out/pictures/master/product/1/hartmann_peha_micro_adson_pinzette_chirurgisch_131144_1(1).jpg Micro Adson Thumb Forceps, Surgical,12 cm
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Micro Adson thumb forceps – Peha® single-use instrument

These micro Adson surgical thumb forceps are a disposable instrument which forms part of the Peha® single-use instruments series by Hartmann. Like all surgical forceps, these micro thumb forceps are used to securely hold tissue. The micro Adson thumb forceps in a surgical version are made of brushed steel, are individually sterile packed, and have a shelf life of 5 years. The forceps' matt material allows for glare-free work, which is of particular importance in microsurgery.

Product details

  • Micro Adson thumb forceps
  • Instrument tip: surgical
  • Length: 12 cm
  • Material: steel, brushed 
  • Sterile shelf life: 5 years 
  • Individually sterile packed
  • Featuring Peha® Colour Lock® security labelling for reliable differentiation of reusable instruments
  • Glare-free use
  • Dispenser with 25 forceps
  • Hartmann item number: 9910661

Fields of application

Micro Adson surgical thumb forceps are used to hold tissue, for example in procedures on the face or hands. The micro thumb forceps can also be used to grasp and apply dressings.

About Peha® single-use instruments

Hartmann offers Peha® single-use instruments as an economical and safe alternative to reusable instruments. The single-use instruments from Hartmann are made from matt, brushed steel. The brushed steel is not reflective and thus provides increased safety for the user.
Thanks to a procedure specially developed by Hartmann, the single-use instruments are cleaned prior to sterilization. Thus, the single-use instruments are reliably clean and sterile.  Peha® single-use instruments not only prevent the occurrence of cross contamination, but also undoubtedly have the feel and handling properties that are the hallmarks of high-quality medical instruments. To avoid mixture of Peha® single-use instruments with conventional instruments, the single-use instruments by Hartmann are marked with a single-use label for medical products as well as with Peha® Colour Lock® security label. Since Peha® single-use instruments do not have to be reprocessed, you effectively save time and costs – this is true not only for smaller medical practices, but also for hospitals or in the case of instruments used as a supply in doctor's bags or doctor's cases. Every single-use instrument is individually sterile packed and has a sterile shelf life of 5 years. Thus, your Peha® single-use instruments are always at hand and ready for use. The Peha® single-use instruments series offers a range of different types of instruments in different variations. From anatomical forceps to specialised surgical instruments, the instruments in the Peha® instrument series cover all the major types of medical instruments.
Peha® single-use instruments can be disposed of in non-penetrable containers via household waste. In the case of incineration, the recycled material can be used to manufacture new products.

Peha® single-use instruments are always in a perfect functional and sanitary condition, thereby offering the highest possible degree of user comfort and safety.

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