Surgical Scissors, Pointed-Rounded
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Art. No.: 128952
EAN: 04038653386291 Surgical Scissors, Pointed-Rounded
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Surgical scissors, pointed-rounded

These surgical scissors have one pointed and one rounded blade. They are straight and 14.5 cm in length. These surgical scissors are SUSI (Single Use Surgical Instrument) scissors from Aesculap and are made from a fibreglass-reinforced high-performance polymer. The surgical scissors have a sterile shelf life of 5 years and can be disposed in an environmentally friendly manner after use.

Product details

  • Pointed-rounded surgical scissors
  • SUSI (Single Use Surgical Instrument)
  • Made of a fibreglass-reinforced high-performance polymer
  • Clearly identifiable as a single-use instrument
  • Sterile shelf life: 5 years
  • Environmentally friendly disposal
  • Excellent precision
  • Straight
  • 14.5cm long
  • 20 individually sterile packed pairs in a dispenser box

Benefits of single use surgical instruments:

  • Allows a supply of sterile instruments to be immediately available when needed
  • No risk of cross-infection
  • Consistently high standard of quality, since you always use a new instrument
  • It is not necessary to purchase a steriliser or autoclave
  • The risk for transmission of rust from old instruments to high-quality instruments is eliminated
  • No need for costly and time-consuming processing and sterilisation
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