Teqler Scalpel handle No. 3
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Art. No.: 710125
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https://static.praxisdienst.com/out/pictures/master/product/1/teqler1953_skalpellgriff_nr_3_710125_1.jpg Teqler Scalpel handle
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25.17 EUR New In stock
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Teqler Scalpel handle

The Teqler scalpel handle made of matt steel is available in 2 designs for different scalpel blades. The scalpel handle is part of the series of Teqler single-use instruments and is disposed of in an appropriate waste disposal container. To ensure an optimal documentation, there are 2 peelable stickers with the barcode, batch no. and article description that can be pasted into the patient file on every sterile pack.
The benefit of the Teqler single-use instruments primarily lies in the high levels of safety for both doctor and patient. Through the use of sterile sealed instruments, the risk of transmitting infections as a result of insufficiently prepared instruments can be effectively excluded.

Product details

  • Teqler Scalpel handle
  • Material: matt steel
  • Available in design no. 3 and 4
  • Can be stored sterile for 3 years
  • Fixed onto a dispensing cardboard sheet and individually sterile packed
  • With 2 peelable documentation stickers on every pack
  • Dispenser box with 20 single-use instruments


Benefits of the Teqler single-use instruments

  • Long sterile shelf-life (3 years)
  • No risk of cross-contamination or transmission of infection as a result of incorrectly prepared instruments
  • Cost and time savings (no preparation process)
  • Instruments are always ready for use (no idle times due to preparation)
  • No troublesome reflection during surgical operations (instruments are made of matt metal)
  • Each instrument (with the exception of the vaginal speculum) is fixed onto a hygienic dispensing cardboard sheet, which makes it easy to dispense the single-use instruments.
  • High functionality and optimal mechanical properties since a new instrument is used every time.
  • Easy and secure documentation (there are 2 peelable stickers with the barcode, batch number and article description on every sterile pack)
  • The scalpel handles can be disposed of in any suitable sharps container
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