Emergency Aspirator Pump ATMOS E341 Battery
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  • For temporary, spontaneous secretion
  • Adjustable vacuum (-0.1bar, -0.2bar, -0.5bar, -0.8bar)
  • With Direct-Docking-System (DDS)
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Emergency Aspirator Pump ATMOS E341 Battery 

The Emergency Aspirator Pump E341 Battery from ATMOS is used for temporary, spontaneous aspiration of secretions, bodily fluids and food components from the upper and lower respiratory tracts of adults, children and infants in a clinical environment. The integrated Lithium-Ion battery combined with the compact dimensions and low weight also makes this aspirator pump great for mobile use. The suction device ATMOS E341 Battery is equipped with the Direct-Docking-System (DDS). This system provides a direct connection from the secretion container to the device - without tedious hose connections. This awards a high level of user safety.
Product Details
  • ATMOS E341 Battery 
  • Emergency Aspirator Pump for use in clinics
  • For temporary and spontaneous suction of secretions, bodily fluids and food components in medical ares
  • Also for evacuating air mattresses and inflatable splints
  • Areas of application: Nose, sinuses, throat, larynx, airwars and bronchial system 
  • For use with adults, children and infants
  • Integrated Lithium-Ion battery
  • Illuminated control panel
  • Vacuum adjustable (-0.1bar, -0.2bar, -0.5bar, -0.8bar)
  • With overheating switch-off (prevents battery from overheating)
  • With 1 Litre DDS secretion container (autoclavable)
  • High user safety via Direct-Docking-System (DDS) - No tube connection between device and secretion container - simply dock and be done with it
  • Mechanical overflow protection in container lid prevents accidental suction of secretions in the pump head
  • Secretion container with hydrophobic bacteria filter
  • Suction strength at device opening: 34l/min ± 4l/min 
  • With battery life display
  • Volume (at 1m distance and -0.8bar): < 60 dB (A)
  • Dimensions: 37 x 27.7 x 14.6cm (W x H x D)
Areas of Application for the Emergency Suction Pump ATMOS E341 Battery 
  • For suction of secretions, bodily fluids and food components in medical disciplines
  • For evacuating air mattresses and inflatable splints
Delivery Contents: 
  • Emergency Aspirator Pump ATMOS E341 Battery with base
  • Hose drum (mounted)
  • Power and charging device
  • Powder cable
  • Bracket for DDS container system 
  • Reusable suction hose (Ø 10mm, Length: 1.3 m)
  • Secretion container, 1 Litre, with container lid, filter bracket and sealer ring
  • 10 Bacteria filters
  • 10 Fingertips 
Please Note: 
The Emergency Aspirator Pump ATMOS E341 Battery is available as desired with an hygienic single-use secrection container. Please let us know if you would like this.
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Emergency Aspirator Pump ATMOS E341 Battery

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