Raucodrape Fenestrated Drape 75 x 90 cm (8 cm ∅)
Human / Instruments / Surgical Supplies / Surgical Drapes / Disposable Surgical Drapes
Art. No.: 134349
EAN: 4021447199214
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  • 2-ply fenestrated drape with central cutout
  • Flexible, tear-resistant, liquid impermeable
  • Exceeds requirements of DIN EN 13795
Size (cutout ∅):
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Raucodrape Fenestrated Drape

The tear-proof Raucodrape fenestrated drape by Lohmann-Rauscher has two layers: one soft PP fabric and a PE film beneath. This helps to prevent liquids from seeping through while remaining flexible to drape. The cutout of the drape is central and circular. 
The natural rubber latex-free Raucodrape fenestrated drape is available in various dimensions and with a range of different cutout diameters. 
Product Details
  • Raucodrape fenestrated drape by Lohmann-Rauscher
  • Surgical fenestration: central, round
  • For procedures involving low to medium quantities of fluids
  • Material: Dual-layered (PP fabric and PE film), impermeable to liquids
  • Very flexible material; can be draped easily, but remains tear-resistant
  • Full absorbency of the entire area
  • Safe protection against bacterial penetration 
  • Exceeds the requirements of DIN EN 13795
  • Made of natural rubber latex-free materials
  • Sterile packing provided with self-adhesive documentation labels
  • Easy removal of drapes from dispenser carton
  • Individually sterile packed
  • Drapes are folded in user-friendly manner
  • Available in various sizes 
This surgical drape is available in various dimension and with different cutout sizes – please note the different packaging contents depending on the drape size. 
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