Raucodrape Fenestrated Drape with Incision Film
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Art. No.: 134361
EAN: 4021447214771
https://static.praxisdienst.com/out/pictures/master/product/1/raucodrape_33044_43_46.jpg Raucodrape Fenestrated Drape with Incision Film
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  • PRO fenestrated drape with protective incision film
  • Self-adhesive area around the cutout
  • Dimensions: 120 x 150 cm
Quantity: per 22 piece
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Raucodrape Fenestrated Drape with Incision Film

Raucodrape is the brand for Lohmann-Rauscher drapes. These PRO drapes are popular in human and veterinary medicine; they consist of 2 layers: absorbent PP fleece and moisture/bacteria-proof PE foil. This Raucodrape PRO fenestrated drape is characterised by the additional incision film. This seals the surgical field and prevents bacteria from penetrating into the wound. 
The Raucodrape fenestrated drape with incision film is a highly tear-resistant, secure, but easily placed, surgical drape. Its specific folding system provides user-friendly folding and it is easy to apply. Thanks to the self-adhesive area around the cutout, the drape can be applied securely. 
Product Details
  • Raucodrape PRO fenestrated drape with incision film
  • Disposable drape with cutout and incision film
  • For operations with standard amounts of liquid
  • Cut: 7 x 10 cm, oval, lengthways, central
  • User-friendly folding, easy application
  • Self-adhesive: 3-part adhesive strip with 2 cm-long finger lift
  • Individually sterile packed, designed with 2 self-adhesive documentation labels for cards
  • Sterile bags can be removed individually from the resealable dispenser box
  • Efficient storage possible
  • Material: PP fleece and PE foil
  • Moisture-proof, fully absorbent surface
  • Safe barrier effect against bacteria
  • Very tear-resistant and flexible to drape
  • Exceeds the requirements of DIN EN 13795
  • Not made with raw natural rubber
  • Dimensions: 120 x 150 cm
  • 1 pack contains 22 pcs.
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