Lactofan2 H2-Breath Test Device
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Art. No.: 133395
FAN Lactofan2 H2-Breath Test Device
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LactoFAN2 H2-Breath Test Device


Lactofan2 by FAN is a handy, portable H2-breath test device, which is used in the course of a gastroenterological functional diagnosis. The H2-monitor is equipped with a glove compatible touchscreen-display und does not need a warm-up time before testing. The animation of patients supports the doctor during tests and secure correct testing. All patient's results can be saved on the device and can be activated every time. Thanks to a practical timer function, defined by the user, the Lactofan2 reminds the user of the next measurement. The H2-breath measurement with the Lactofan2 can take place parallel with six patients - guaranteeing high practice and economic efficiency.


Product details

  • LactoFAN2 H2-breath test device
  • Allows measurement of H2-concentration in the exhalation air
  • Easy to use
  • High practice efficiency: up to 6 patients can be meassured parallel
  • The H2 content is put out in ppm
  • Equipped with a glove compatible, easy to read colour touchscreen
  • Graphic menu system enables intuitive operation
  • Animations guide patient through each step of the H2-breath test
  • No warm up time before measurement  
  • Several patient-related measured value tables
  • Auto-reset function
  • Sensor deviation identification
  • Semi-automatic calibration procedure
  • Power supplied by 4 AA standard rechargeable batteries (incl. with delivery)
  • Optionally available, FANh2 Windows-Software (enables preparation of test reports and connection to practice and hospital information systems)  


Possible applications for LactoFAN2 H2-breath test devices:

  • Suspected lactose intolerance
  • Suspected malassimilation of sucrose, fructose and sorbitol
  • Suspected bacterial miscolonisation of the small intestine
  • For determining orocoecal transit time


LactoFAN2 H2-breath test device will be delivered to you as practical starter set including a case for the device, calibration gas, flow regulator, 4 AA rechargeable batteries and 50 mouthpieces. 

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