Euromex Oxion Binocular Microscope with semi-plan lenses
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0 Euromex Oxion Binocular Microscope
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Euromex Oxion Binocular Microscope


The Euromex Oxion is a binocular microscope characterised by its stability, ergonomic design and adjustable 3 watt LED illumination. The large, mechanical stage has an XY adjustment. The head of the microscope can be adjusted to the vision height of the user thanks to its swivel mechanism.

The Euromex Oxion binocular microscope is available either with semi-plan brightfield Infinity lenses (model OX.3012) or plan, achromatic brightfield Infinity lenses (model OX.3030).

Product details

  • Binocular microscope for life science
  • Model: Euromex Oxion OX.3012 or OX.3030
  • Adjustable 3 watt LED illumination
  • No heat development
  • Suitable for users who wear glasses
  • 150x140mm stage with XY-adjustment range of 76x50mm
  • Swivel concept of the microscope head allows the viewing height to the matched to the user height
  • Adjustable pupil distance (50 to 75mm)
  • Ergonomic viewing angle of 30°
  • Computer-optimised design
  • Warranty period: 10 years

Technical details for the Euromex Oxion binocular microscope

  • Pair of DIN HWF PL 10x/22 eyepieces with adjustable dioptre, also suitable for users wearing glasses.
  • Binocular with 30° swivel Siedentopf tubes
  • Ball-bearing nose-piece with click-stop suitable for 5 lenses
  • Leness: 4x/0.10, 10x/0.25, S40x/0.65, S100x/1.25 oil with semi-plan brightfield Infinity lenses (model OX.3012) or plan, achromatic brightfield Infinity lenses (model OX.3030)
  • S40x and S100x spring-mounted
  • Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment
  • Friction control and object protection
  • 150 x 140mm stage with XY adjustment of 76 x 50mm and 0.1mm vernier
  • Height adjustable Abbe condenser NA 1.25 with iris diaphragm
  • Collector with light field diaphragm and filter holder
  • Fitted with Köhler illumination
  • With integrated power supply for 85-240 volt batteries
  • Weight: approx. 10kg

The Euromex Oxion binocular microscope is suitable for use in doctors' practices, laboratories and educational facilities.

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