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Human / Lab Equipment / Lab Devices / Blood Sugar Monitors
Accutrend® Plus Meter mg/dl (EU Version)
Art. No.: 128633
Roche Diagnostics
EAN: 4015630056163
Accutrend Plus
Accutrend Plus
94,66 EUR* 94.66 EUR New In stock
before VAT and shipping costs
94.66 EUR New In stock
94.66 EUR New In stock
Need the Compatible Cholesterol or Glucose Test Strips?
Accutrend Cholesterol Test Strips
Accutrend Test Strips for Cholesterol
  • Measurement time: 180 seconds
  • Test principal: reflection photometry
  • High precision and accuracy over entire measurement range
29,35 EUR*
Accutrend blood glucose test strips for testing with the Accutrend Plus
Accutrend Test Strips for Glucose
  • For quantitative blood sugar measurement
  • For use with the Accutrend Plus meter
  • High precision over entire range of measurement
10,54 EUR*
Need the Compatible Lactate or Triglyceride Test Strips?
Roche Accutrend BM-Lactate test strips for the Accutrend plus meter
Accutrend Test Strips for BM-Lactate
  • For the Accutrend Plus meter
  • Tube with 25 test strips
  • Delivers very fast testing results
44,95 EUR*
Accutrend Triglyceride Test Strips
Accutrend Test Strips for Triglyceride
  • Tested with 1 drop of capillary blood
  • Used with the Accutrend Plus system
  • Measurement time: 174 seconds
37,63 EUR*
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Accutrend® Plus Meter

Short Facts

  • Measures 4 parameters
  • Cholesterol, Triglyceride, Glucose, Lactate
  • Stores up to 100 measurements per parameter
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Accutrend® Plus Meter

The Accutrend Plus from Roche is a flexible, portable device for patient-side measurement of lactate and the three important cardiometabolic parameters: cholesterol, triglyceride and glucose.

The Accutrend Plus meter helps with the early detection of cardiometabolic risks and with the follow-up of a lipid or blood sugar reducing treatment – in a physician’s office as well as for self-measurement.

Product Details

  • Accutrend Plus Meter for lactate, cholesterol, glucose and triglycerides
  • Ready-for use anywhere: small, mobile, handheld monitor
  • Immediate results: immediate treatment recommendation possible
  • Increased compliance: improved patient compliance due to rapid measurement results
  • Convenient measurement of cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose and lactate from capillary blood, using well-proven test strip technology
  • Automatic performance and monitor self-testing - code strips with positive strip identification and parameter recognition
  • Test strips may be stored at room temperature
  • Storage of up to 100 measurements per parameter with date, time and additional information
  • High precision and accuracy, over the entire measurement range, for all parameters
  • Large display
  • Power source: 3x 1.5V batteries (no data loss when replacing batteries)

The Accutrend Plus is supplied with batteries and a user manual (German only).

Digital User Manual available for English, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Russian

Measurement Range
Test mg/dl mmol/l Measuring Time
Cholesterol 150-300 3.88-7.76 180 sec
Triglyceride 70-600 0.8-6.86 174 sec
Glucose 20-600 1.1-33.3 12 sec
0.8-21.7 (blood)
0.7-26 (plasma)
60 sec
60 sec
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Order in the next 23 hours 31 minutes !

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Accutrend® Plus Meter
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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I order my Accutrend Plus with the mmol/L or mg/dL parameter?

This is entirely up to you, as both parameters are just different ways to read the same result e.g. mmol/L = millimoles per litre (molecules per litre), whereas mg/dL = milligrams per 100 millilitres (weight to ratio volume). The most commonly used parameter for reading a blood glucose measurement in the UK is mmol/L and the most commonly used parameter for reading a blood glucose measurement in Europe is mg/dL.

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