Accutrend® Plus Meter mg/dl
Human / Lab Equipment / Lab Devices / Blood Sugar Monitors
Art. No.: 128633
Roche Diagnostics
EAN: 4015630056163 Accutrend Plus Accutrend Plus
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  • Measures 4 parameters
  • Cholesterol, Triglyceride, Glucose, Lactate
  • Stores up to 100 measurements per parameter
Measurement Unit:
97.7 EUR New In stock
99.7 EUR New In stock
Need the Compatible Cholesterol or Glucose Test Strips?
Accutrend Test Strips for Cholesterol
Accutrend Test Strips for Cholesterol
  • Measurement time: 180 seconds
  • Test principal: reflection photometry
  • High precision and accuracy over entire measurement range
29,35 EUR*
Accutrend Test Strips for Glucose
Accutrend Test Strips for Glucose
  • For quantitative blood sugar measurement
  • For use with the Accutrend Plus meter
  • High precision over entire range of measurement
10,54 EUR*
Need the Compatible Lactate or Triglyceride Test Strips?
Accutrend Test Strips for BM-Lactate
Accutrend Test Strips for BM-Lactate
  • For the Accutrend Plus meter
  • Tube with 25 test strips
  • Delivers very fast testing results
44,95 EUR*
Accutrend Test Strips for Triglyceride
Accutrend Test Strips for Triglyceride
  • Tested with 1 drop of capillary blood
  • Used with the Accutrend Plus system
  • Measurement time: 174 seconds
37,63 EUR*
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Accutrend® Plus Meter

The Accutrend Plus from Roche is a flexible, portable device for patient-side measurement of lactate and the three important cardiometabolic parameters: cholesterol, triglyceride and glucose.

The Accutrend Plus meter helps with the early detection of cardiometabolic risks and with the follow-up of a lipid or blood sugar reducing treatment – in a physician’s office as well as for self-measurement.

Product Details

  • Accutrend Plus Meter for lactate, cholesterol, glucose and triglycerides
  • Ready-for use anywhere: small, mobile, handheld monitor
  • Immediate results: immediate treatment recommendation possible
  • Increased compliance: improved patient compliance due to rapid measurement results
  • Convenient measurement of cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose and lactate from capillary blood, using well-proven test strip technology
  • Automatic performance and monitor self-testing - code strips with positive strip identification and parameter recognition
  • Test strips may be stored at room temperature
  • Storage of up to 100 measurements per parameter with date, time and additional information
  • High precision and accuracy, over the entire measurement range, for all parameters
  • Large display
  • Power source: 3x 1.5V batteries (no data loss when replacing batteries)

The Accutrend Plus is supplied with batteries and a user manual (German only).

Digital User Manual available for English, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Russian

Measurement Range
Test mg/dl mmol/l Measuring Time
Cholesterol 150-300 3.88-7.76 180 sec
Triglyceride 70-600 0.8-6.86 174 sec
Glucose 20-600 1.1-33.3 12 sec
0.8-21.7 (blood)
0.7-26 (plasma)
60 sec
60 sec
Frequently Asked Questions
Should I order my Accutrend Plus with the mmol/L or mg/dL parameter?

This is entirely up to you, as both parameters are just different ways to read the same result e.g. mmol/L = millimoles per litre (molecules per litre), whereas mg/dL = milligrams per 100 millilitres (weight to ratio volume). The most commonly used parameter for reading a blood glucose measurement in the UK is mmol/L and the most commonly used parameter for reading a blood glucose measurement in Europe is mg/dL.

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Accutrend® Plus Meter
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