Accu-Tell hCG Pregnancy Test, 20 Tests
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AccuBio Tech
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  • Quick pregnancy test to detect hCG in urine
  • Easy procedure, results within 5 minutes
  • 1 pack contains supplies for 20 tests
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Accu-Tell hCG Pregnancy Test

Quick and easy to perform pregnancy test. Early detection tests taken with the hCG pregnancy test are carried out using a urine sample and deliver accurate, reliable test results within 5 minutes. These pregnancy tests use hCG as an indicator to determine positive pregnancy as early as 7-10 days post-conception.

Advantages of the Accu-Tell hCG Pregnancy Test:

  • Quick and easy procedure
  • Reliable, accurate results
  • Cut-off of only 25 mlU/ml

The hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is produced very early after the embedding of the fertilised ovum, thus making hCG a reliable indicator for early pregnancy diagnoses. This hCG pregnancy test detects the presence of this hormone. Antibodies to hCG, which react with the hCG in the urine of a pregnant patient, are applied to the membrane of the test strip. The bound antigen-antibody complexes migrate to the test line and dye it red. Since the antibodies react only with hCG, this hCG pregnancy test does not cross-react with LH, FSH or TSH. With the hCG pregnancy test, you are able to reliably detect pregnancy in its early stages.

hCG Pregnancy Test Procedure:

  • Take urine sample (ideally the first in the morning)
  • Drop some urine onto the test area with a disposable pipette
  • Let the hCG pregnancy test sit for a maximum of 5 minutes
  • Read result

Depending on the concentration of hCG in the urine, a positive "pregnant" result may be present after a few seconds. However, to obtain accurate results for urine with low concentrations of hCG, the user should wait a full 5 minutes for the reaction to take place.

Delivery Contents of the Accu-Tell hCG Pregnancy Test:

  • 20 hCG pregnancy tests
  • 20 disposable pipettes
  • Detailed instruction booklet


The Accu-Tell hCG pregnancy test is not a product to determine ovulation or fertility. To determine ovulation, one should use ovulation tests, such as the LH Ovulation Test.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is hCG?

The human chorionic gonadotropin is a peptid hormone that secretes from the blastocysts and later from the syncytiotrophoblasts and causes stimulation of progesterone secretion from the corpus luteum. This also clarifies the suitability of the detection of human chorionic gonadotropin as an early indicator of pregnancy. However, it is not possible to determine in which week of pregnancy the patient is, even during the second and third month of pregnancy when the hCG concentration is at it's highest. This test also does not provide an indication of fertility or ovulation.

At which stage of pregnancy can I diagnose pregnancy with the hCG test?

Within 7-10 days after conception, the urine hCG levels are already so high that pregnancy can be determined with the help of the hCG test.

Can the hCG test also lead to false positive results?

Yes, it is possible that a false positive result will be displayed, although this is usually due to an illness that is accompanied by an increased hCG output. Furthermore, extremely high levels of LH, FSH or TSH can likely lead to a false positive result during early detection tests, as the same non-specific alpha subunits are used in their hormone construction.

Is early morning urine required for use of this pregnancy test?

This hCG test does not necessarily require morning urine for the test procedure. The urine sample for the pregnancy test can be taken at any time of day. Please note, however, that the hCG concentration is typically highest in morning urine.

How do I know when the hCG pregnancy test results are accurate?

The hCG test is only accurate if the "C" control line shows a red stripe. If only the "T" line is coloured or no lines are coloured, then the pregnancy test is not accurate and must be repeated.

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