CRP Test, 10 pcs.
Human / Lab Equipment / Tests / Rapid Tests (RDTs)
Art. No.: 129560
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  • Rapid test to detect C-reactive protein
  • Tested with whole blood, serum or plasma
  • Reliable results within 5 minutes
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CRP Test


The CRP test is used for the detection of the C-reactive protein in a sample of whole blood, serum or plasma, providing information regarding patient health. The blood CRP level increases to a particularly high level with the presence of bacterial infections and is considered a risk factor for arteriosclerosis and other health issues. This rapid test for the C-reactive protein in blood is great for use in various health facilities, as a lab is not required.


Advantages of the CRP Test

  • Quick differentiation between viral and bacterial causes
  • Easy-to-use rapid test
  • Results instantly available – no need to wait for a lab test
  • CRP test with high sensitivity (10 mg/l)

Information on the C-reactive Protein (CRP)

The C-reactive protein is a part of the group of active phase proteins and, consequently, of the immune system. In the event of bacterial infection, after surgery or in the presence of inflammatory processes in the body, the blood CRP level dramatically increases. The increase in blood CRP concentration to >10 mg/l can be detected with this CRP rapid test. In order to indicate serious widespread inflammation or a bacterial infection, it also has a line for levels >30 mg/l in addition to the 10 mg/l test line.

As it is well known that a bacterial infection causes far higher blood CRP levels than a viral infection, the information obtained from the CRP test enables you to quickly and reliably distinguish between the two infections so that you can choose the appropriate treatment that will be best for the patient's health. Because the CRP test is easy to use, you can easily carry it out in your medical practice – no need for a lab or special health facility. The CRP test will help you save essential time when beginning the required treatment.

CRP Test Procedure

  • Bring the CRP test and reagents to room temperature
  • Put the reagent in the mixing tube and add the blood, serum or plasma sample
  • Put the filter on the tube
  • Drip the reagent and sample combination onto the CRP test 
  • Read the results after 5 minutes

The CRP test contains test lines for 10 mg/l and 30 mg/l, plus one additional line so that you can verify that the CRP test has been carried out correctly, even if the results are negative.

The test kit consists of: 10 CRP test cassettes, mixer tubes, filters, reagent, pipettes and detailed instructions.

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