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DermAX is a 2-sided agar culture medium used to identify and isolate dermatophytes, yeasts and fungi. Both agar surfaces allow optimum growth of fungi and provide information on the type of fungi with their medium selectivity.


Product details for DermAX

  • 2-sided agar culture medium
  • To culture and isolate dermatophytes, yeasts and fungi from surface hair, skin and nail infections
  • Also suitable as a transport medium
  • Separate Taplin and malt agars allow the selective growth of various types of fungi
  • Both agar surfaces inhibit bacterial growth and promote selective fungal growth
  • Colour change in the Taplin agar (yellow-orange to red) differentiates between dermatophytes and other fungi
  • Allows rapid fungal growth
  • For informative results
  • 1 pack contains 10 units

Taplin agar

Standard medium for the selective growth of dermatophytes. Chloramphenicol and gentamicin sulphate inhibit bacterial growth; cycloheximide suppresses the growth of fungi and pathogenic yeasts.
In the presence and following the growth of dermatophytes the increase in pH causes a colour change in the Taplin agar from yellow-orange to red.

Malt agar

Medium for the selective growth of yeasts and fungi. The low pH inhibits bacterial growth.

The DermAX culture medium is easy to handle and provides fast and conclusive results. It can also be used as a transport medium.

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