Micropipettes, 250 pcs. 5µl
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Art. No.: 130738
Heinz Herenz
https://static.praxisdienst.com/out/pictures/master/product/1/130738_zoom1_z1.jpg Micropipettes, 250 pcs.
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  • Capillary tubes for the smallest volumes
  • Not heparinised
  • Ideal for use with micropipettes
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These extremely fine micropipettes (also called capillary tubes) are suitable for blood collection, as well as for taking very small sample volumes.

Product Details for the Micropipettes:

  • Duran capillary tubes
  • For very small volumes
  • Non-heparinised
  • Ideal for use with micropipettes

These flexible, stable micropipettes are manufactured from modern duran glass, which makes them easier and safer to handle than conventional glass micropipettes, which were fragile and posed a potential hazard in terms of cuts.
The capillary tubes can be used for accurate extraction of fluids either on their own or with the use of a micropipette.
For use on their own, the capillary tubes are kept close to or immersed in the liquid to be absorbed, then the pipette forces the liquid to rise automatically and fills the capillary up to the specified volume.
By using a micropipette, the liquid is drawn by swiftly pressing the button.
The micropipettes are available with graduations in various volumes.
1 tube with 250 micropipettes

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