Cotinine (Nicotine) Quick Test, 20 Pcs.
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Cotinine Test for detection of Nicotine


This Cotinine test detects the most important metabolite from Nicotine in urine: Cotinine. This Nicotine test is easy to use and provides reliable detection of the consumption of nictoine products in urine.



  • Simple testing procedure
  • Quick detection of the consumption of products containing nicotine
  • The sample material, urine, is easy to acquire and simple to handle
  • Low detection limit (Cut Off) of only 400ng/ml


Because nicotine has a half-life of 30-60 minutes, the cotinine test takes advantage of the long half-life of cotinine (approx. 17 hours). This provides proof of a smoked cigarette, even long after use. Because Cotinine and Nicotine are both metabolised by the liver enzyme Cytochrome P450, the detection of Cotinine is simultaneously proof of previous Nicotine presence.


Test Procedure:

  • Take urine sample
  • Use a disposable pipette and drip 3 drops of urine onto the Cotinine test
  • After 8 minutes of wait-time, the Nicotine test can be read


Due to the simple operation, not only do doctors use this Cotinine test in smoking cessation programmes, but also youth facilities and addiction/therapy centres.


Delivery Contents: 20 Cotinine test cassettes, disposable pipettes and detailed testing instructions.

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Cotinine (Nicotine) Quick Test, 20 Pcs.

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