Accu-Tell FOB Rapid Test, 20 pcs.
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Art. No.: 126075
AccuBio Tech Accu-Tell FOB Rapid Test, 20 pcs.
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Accu-Tell FOB Rapid Test

An FOB (Faecal Occult Blood) test allows for the detection of human haemoglobin and blood in a stool sample, not visible to the naked eye. The FOB test can thus provide information on hidden sources of bleeding in the digestive tract, which can occur, for example, due to colon cancer or large haemorrhoids.

Advantages of the FOB Rapid Test:

  • Easy and quick to perform
  • The FOB test detects only haemoglobin
  • A special diet before the test is not necessary

The traditional guaiac FOB test requires that patients are on a special diet in order to avoid distortion of the results (for example, after eating raw meat or peroxidase-containing vegetables such as cauliflower). To overcome these dietary restrictions, the FOB test was developed.
The FOB test uses an antibody response, which is directed specifically against human haemoglobin and thus, leaving no distortion of results. The antibodies are applied to the test area and after contact with the antigen (human haemoglobin) they migrate to the test line. The FOB test not only makes the test procedure easier for patients, but also offers maximum safety and reliability.
Another advantage offered by the FOB test is that the sample can be handled hygienically. The sample tubes are already provided with an extraction solution, so after closing the sample in the tube by your patient, no further contact with the sample is necessary. You simply open the dropper tip of the FOB test and apply the stool sample solution on the test cassette. Within 5 minutes you will have reliable FOB test results.
Includes: 20 FOB test cassettes, 20 sample tubes with reagent, detailed test instructions.
1 pack contains 20 tests

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I cant say yet if the fob test is accurate or not.Nevertheless the service was excellent

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