Right-Sign Streptococcus Test, 25 pcs.
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Art. No.: 134822
https://static.praxisdienst.com/out/pictures/master/product/1/right_sign_streptokokken_test_134822.jpg Right-Sign Streptococcus Test, 25 pcs.
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  • Strep-A rapid test, cassette style
  • Procedure with throat swab samples
  • Delivery incl. positive and negative controls
Quantity: per 25 piece
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Streptococcus Test 

With this streptococcus test from BiotesT, you will quickly and easily detect Streptococcus-A antigens by means of a throat swab. The Strep-A quick test is a chromatographic immunoassay and is delivered with a positive and negative control solution. 
Product Details 
  • Right Sign Streptococcus test from BiotesT 
  • For detection of Strep-A antigens
  • Test material: throat swabs
  • Simple administration
  • Delivered with control solutions for both positive and negative controls
  • Quick test results after only 5 minuten 
  • Highly accurate and specific
  • 1 package contains 25 test cartridges
Directions for Use
  • Carry out a throat swab using one of the included swabs
  • Remove a test cartridge and lay it on a clean, flat surface
  • Put 4 drops of extraction regeant 1 and 4 drops of extraction regeant 2 in a reaction vial
  • Mix the regeants by carefully shaking the vial
  • Dip the swab, with the sample, in the reaction vial and quickly stir 15 times
  • Allow the swab to sit in the solution for 1 minute
  • Press the swab against the inner wall of the vial, leaving as much of the solution in the vial as possible
  • Use the dropper cap to draw enough of the solution to place 3 drops into the test field of the test cassette laying next to you
  • In 5 minutes, read the results
Included Items
  • 25 Streptococcus test cartridges
  • Reaction vial
  • Sterile swabs
  • Dropper cap
  • Extraction reagent 1 
  • Extraction reagent 2
  • Positive control solution
  • Negative control solution
  • Instruction manual
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Great test for fast diagnostics. Prevents unnecessary antibiotic Use.


Very easy and quick to use. Instructions in German, but you can print them off the web site, and they are very simple. Need illustrations from the German manual, but these easy to understand also.

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