Tuberculosis Test
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Diagnostik-Nord Tuberculosis Test
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Tuberculosis Test


This rapid tuberculosis test confirms a TB infection by means of a blood sample and is therefore a useful everyday diagnostic aid for the medical practice.


  • Quick and reliable
  • Tests for all 3 pathogens at once
  • You get the result in your medical practice and can isolate the patient immediately in the event of a confirmed infection


In principle, tuberculosis (TB) can be caused by different pathogens: Mycobacterium tuberculosis (the most common), Mycobacterium bovis and Mycobacterium africanum (as well as the rare Mycobacterium microti). This tuberculosis test tests for the antibodies against the former 3 named.

Test principle:

This tuberculosis test is based on the principle of the lateral flow immunoassay. Recombinant Mycobacterium is immobilised on the test membrane. In the event of the patient’s sample containing antibodies against tuberculosis, these will react with the test’s Mycobacteria and colour the test strip red. The tuberculosis test is to be evaluated as positive when both strips (test strip and control strip) are coloured red.

Performing the test:

  • Collect serum or plasma sample
  • Allow tuberculosis test to equilibrate to room temperature
  • Apply 3 drops of plasma or serum onto the test strip
  • The result can be read after 15 minutes


Includes: 20 tuberculosis test cassettes, disposable pipettes and 1 set of detailed instructions.
Please note that you will require a serum or plasma sample for the tuberculosis test and will require a centrifuge for their collection.

1 package containing 20 quick tests


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Tuberculosis Test

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