Surgical Supplies

Surgical Supplies

Our surgical supplies category includes everything else you need in the field of surgery in addition to your instrument set. In addition to secretion aspirators and cauterizers, we also offer a large assortment of cryotherapy instruments and accessories. 

Naturally, our selection of surgical supplies also contains a wide range of surgical drapes for single- and multiple uses. The Foliodrape disposable surgical drapes from Paul Hartmann are 3-ply and impermeable to germs and moisture. These drapes are come in compatible designs for many various operational applications. 

In the cryotherapy selection, you will find ultramodern surgical instruments, such as the CryoPen and the new CryOmega II, which permit the highly precise and millimetre-accurate removal of tissues and warts. Whether for skin lesions, warts or papilloma, our cryotherapy instruments provide a quick and efficient, low-pain treatment of various dermatological disorders. 

Do you have questions about the products in our surgical supplies category? Talk to us - our customer service will gladly advise you!

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