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Everything has its place in a comfortable medical briefcase

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A comfortable medical briefcase need to be so well conceptualised that its owner can open is and, with one glance, have a complete view of its content, the components of which should all have their own place. Our medical briefcase “classic” is considered the classic amongst medical briefcases and is made from high-quality leather. Inside you will find a quartered, removable insert that ensures tidiness within the briefcase. The wide-opening top of the briefcase allows easy removal of its contents.

If you prefer to carry your medical bag on your back, then you'll find what you want with us. The shoulder-straps of these somewhat “different” bags are padded and results in comfortable carrying.

We also hold ready a supply of ampule containers and plastic wallets for documents.

Simply visit our online shop to make an order. We deliver to Germany - and to all of Europe. Orders outside of Europe are also possible.