Praxisdienst PLUS

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  • Receive 5% discount on all products
  • For one year (no automatic renewal)
  • Save immediately and quickly earn a free year

Praxisdienst PLUS

Praxisdienst PLUS

Praxisdienst PLUS Membership - 1 Year


Your PLUS Benefits at a Glance

• You receive a 5% discount on the item value with every purchase. The discount is immediately applied and is valid starting with the very first purchase.  

• You collect points with every order: Every Euro saved with your PLUS membership is worth 5 points! Once you collect 10,000 points within 12 months, you already earn your next membership for free–one year long.

• Your orders are handled with priority: You can be certain that your products will leave our warehouse as quickly as possible. In the event that there is only one item in stock, you have priority as a PLUS member and will receive that last item before all other customers.

75,00 €

5% Discount on all Products

Regardless whether you are ordering consumables like gloves and cannulas or an ECG machine, you receive your 5% discount on all products (excluding shipping costs and gift cards). 

Do the math: with many standard purchases, the membership is already worthwhile after only the first order. With Praxisdienst PLUS, you can be sure you are always profiting from the most affordable prices for your products.

Praxisdienst PLUS 5% Discount

Who benefits from Praxisdienst PLUS?

All Praxisdienst customers who regularly order from us and want to save on each purchase

All customers who are furnishing a practice or buying medical devices from us

All shoppers who want to guarantee no-delay priority shipping

10,000 Points = 1 Year of Free PLUS Membership!

In your Praxisdienst customer account, you can easily track the status of your membership. You can see at a single glance exactly how many points are in your account. Collect 10,000 points within 12 months and receive your next PLUS membership free for an entire year!

Example of Points Saved with Praxisdienst Plus

5% Discount – Even on this Purchase!

Place the Praxisdienst PLUS membership in your basket and profit from the 5% savings on this order–no special activation necessary!

Example of Basket with Praxisdienst PLUS