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Here you will find the most up-to-date finger pulse oximeter produced by market leader NONIN. The NONIN finger pulse oximeter has many applications. Whether in the fields of oxygen therapy, sleep medicine, pain management, or emergency medicine, during endoscopic procedures or operations, or in the dental practice, the post anaesthesia care unit or the intensive care unit, the finger pulse oximeter is now indispensible.

In the Onyx I, 9500 we offer the most widely used instrument worldwide. Its robust electronics and high quality mean that your equipement will continue to function perfectly for several years. 2 AAA batteries allow for around 1,400 test measurements, or 18 hours of continued functioning.

In the Onyx II, 9550, we offer the newly developed version of the Onyx I model. Improved design and a larger LED display allow for an easier view, whilst in addition its size and weight were also slightly reduced. 2 AAA batteries now allow for around 2,500 test measurements, or 21 hours of continual functioning.

Both the Onyx I, 9500 and the Onyx II, 9550 were designed to be operated by the doctor. The newly developed GO2 finger pulse oximeter, from NONIN, now offers a specialised instrument to be operated by the patient. This device was designed for the Homecare field, and orientates the LED display in the direction of the patient.

If repairs are needed, we operate an exchange programme; here a replacement instrument is immediately put at your disposal, and your own device will be returned to you after it has been repaired.