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0 Parasitology Specimens, basic display
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Parasitology, basic display


25 specimens with instruction leaflet (only available in German).


  • Trypanosoma gambiense, human sleeping sickness, blood smear
  • Plasmodium berghei, rodent  malaria , blood smear with vegetative shapes, schizontes, merozoits, gamonts
  • Sarcocystis sp., section of infected muscular tissues . Miescher tube.
  • Nosema apis, pathogenic agent of bee dysentry, intestine of a sick bee, transverse
  • Eimeria stiedae, rabbit coxidiosis, cut across liver with schizogonian stages, gametes and oocysts
  • Fasciola hepatica, large liver socket section, fully prepared
  • Fasciola hepatica, egg of bovine biliary sediment
  • Taenia or Moniezia, long worm scolex (head ) with suckers, complete
  • Taenia pisiformis, dog taenia, mature proglottis (part),complete
  • Taenia saginata, bovine taenia, proglottis at different stages of maturity , transverse
  • Hymenolepis sp., dwarf worm, proglottis, complete
  • Echinococcus granulosus, dog taenia , cyst coating (hydatic) with out growths and scolex , transverse
  • Ascaris lumbricoides, line worm , transverse cut through female genitals
  • Ascaris lumbricoides, eggs in faeces
  • Enterobius vermicularis (oxyuris),fly worm, fully prepared
  • Trichinella spiralis, trichine, grubs encysted in  muscle, section
  • Ixodes sp., ticks, imago, fully prepared. carrying  encephalitis and Lyne disease
  • Dermanyssus gallinae, chicken acarian, fully prepared
  • Acarapis woodi, Varroa, bee acarian, fully prepared
  • Sarcoptes sp., scab acarian, skin section with parasites and feeding ways
  • Anopheles, mosquito carrying malaria , female head and mouth part, complete
  • Culex pipiens, mosquito, female head and mouth part , complete
  • Cimex lectularius, bed acarian, fully prepared
  • Pediculus humanus, head or clothes louse, fully prepared
  • Ctenocephalus canis, dog flea, fully prepared.
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