Worms (Helminthes) german
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Worms (Helminthes)


20 specimens for microscope viewing, provided with instruction leaflet (only available in German).



  • Planaria, Strudel worm, total Planaria,  transverse
  • Fasciola hepatica, large liver socket, complete
  • Fasciola hepatica, transverse
  • Taenia sp., long worm,  proglottis, complete
  • Taenia sp., long worm, mature proglottis , transverse
  • Taenia or Moniezia, head  (scolex), complete
  • Echinococcus multilocularis, long worm (cyst coating with infected liver vesicle), transverse
  • Enterobius vermicularis, fly worm, complete
  • Trichinella spiralis, Trichine (grub incysted in muscle ), section
  • Ascatris, male and female circular worm, transverse
  • Nemertine, line worm, transverse
  • Nereis, silk worm, transverse
  • Tubifex, mud worm, complete
  • Hirudo, leech, transverse
  • Lumbricus, worm, front end with genitals, in length
  • Lumbricus, gizzard zone, transverse
  • Lumbricus, stomach muscle, transverse
  • Lumbricus, half head with intestine and nephridis, transverse
  • Lumbricus, skin with bristles (Setae), transverse
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