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Handles and Chargers

The handle is the core of a diagnostic instrument - it can be transformed into various diagnostic instruments using the different instrument heads in a short time. It is suitable for combination with, for example, an otoscope head, an ophthalmoscope or a dermatoscope.
With the bottom unit by HEINE, the HEINE BETA battery handle can be transformed into a rechargeable handle in seconds that can be charged from the socket. After discharging, handles with disposable batteries need to be loaded with new batteries; handles with rechargeable batteries can be recharged cheaply in a charger and are always at hand, even when in the charger. One highlight is the Heine rechargeable handle, which allows direct charging from a socket. This way, the veterinarian doesn't have to worry about batteries and doesn't have to have a charger at hand. Simply plug the handle into the socket - and done! You can purchase handles and chargers by HEINE and other renowned companies at great prices from Praxisdienst-VET.