KERN small animal scales
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KERN small animal scales


These small animal scales are used to determine the weight of small pets in veterinary practices. Thanks to their battery-operation and low weight, the small animal scales are perfect for portable use. The spacious sitting and lying bowl made of sturdy, easy-to-clean plastic is not removable, but provides security and stability and is non-slip thanks to the small rubber feet.

The KERN small animal scales are switched on via a convenient 1-button operation, and the LCD display with 15mm large digits is easy to read.

Product details

  • KERN small animal scales
  • Model: MBE 20K10
  • Made of sturdy plastic
  • Extra flat design
  • Edges give small animals better grip, allowing for safe weighing
  • Automatic data hold function: weight is displayed for 10 seconds when weighing value remains unchanged
  • Safe, non-slip grip with rubber feet
  • Vibration-free weighing: vibrations are filtered out
  • Flat surfaces: easy cleaning
  • Auto-off
  • LCD display, digit height: 15 mm
  • Graduation: 10 g
  • Max. load capacity: 20 kg
  • Battery-operated (batteries included: 4x 1.5V AA), battery life up to 200 hours
  • 2-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Dimensions: 56 x 35 x 8.8 cm (W x D x H)
  • Net weight approx. 2 kg
For an additional charge, the KERN small animal scales can also be ordered with a calibration certificate (from the German Calibration Service). Contact our customer service team for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do the KERN small animal scales switch off automatically?

Yes, the KERN small animal scales have an auto-off function. After 2 minutes of no load changes, they switch off automatically, saving the batteries.

Can the weighing unit be changed?

Yes, you have the choice between kg and lbs.

Can I subtract the weight of pet baskets or blankets from the animal's weight?

Yes, the KERN small animal scales feature an automatic tare function: Place with pet blanket on the scales before switching them on. After switching them on, the scales will show 0.00 kg and you can weigh the animal separately.

How do I clean the KERN small animal scales? The scales should not be wet cleaned. Use a damp cloth with a mild soap solution or a ready-to-use disinfectant wipe with a mild, suitable disinfectant to wipe the scales down carefully. The small animal scales should not be tilted or twisted during cleaning; this may result in damage.
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KERN small animal scales

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